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We are painting in the Room32 boutique!

Room32 is an interior design and greengrocer store right in the heart of Helsinki's center on Freda. However, the store is not an ordinary boutique, but an experience that must be experienced on the spot. When you enter our door, you can hear the birds singing and you can feel like you are in a fairy tale world.

Although our store is not huge, exploring all the special and exciting products can take up a surprisingly large amount of time. So, if you need something a little more eye-catching for your home, you should definitely head to our store. Our selection includes decorative objects, earrings, green plants, dishes, pots and everything else. If you live further away and can't get to the place, it's worth checking out our online store.

Our product range also includes the excellent Frenchic Paint paints, which we also use to paint products for sale in our store.

Grab our tricks for painting harlequin squares here:

A fun grid on the lid of an old pine chest by painting it. The necktie pattern is a trendy choice. It's fun and yet classically stylish at the same time. You can make it a traditional two-color or if you like to combine more different colors or shades, you can even paint each strait with a different color.

Book the tools and choose the shades

And best of all, it's pretty easy, just requires a little more time and planning. Prepare high-quality tape, a ruler, a measure and a pencil as well as paint shades and brushes as work tools.

Prepare the furniture for painting

Before starting the painting, it is important to take care of the groundwork properly. Frenchic's own furniture detergent Sugar Soap is perfect for washing the object to be painted, which cleans the surface of dirt and grease. After washing, it would also be good to sand the surface, and a good rule of thumb can be considered: the shinier and more slippery the surface, the more it needs sanding, so that the new paint adheres and stays on it better. After sanding, remember to clean the surface from sanding dust.

When the groundwork was done, we started to customize the small chest of drawers by painting the lid completely white with Cream Dream shade.

Measure and tape

After that, we measured and gently drew the outline of the bowtie pattern on the cover with a pencil. The lightest shade should be chosen as a base, it works well as a primer for other colors and is of course the easiest to cover. After drawing, we taped the squares to be painted, after which we painted the black squares with Blackjack tone.

At this point, you should be careful to paint the right squares with the right shade - so that you don't accidentally end up with two of the same color next to each other. If you wish, you can pre-mark the right shade on the squares with a pencil or a small amount of paint, so that you don't have to correct it later.

Let the squares dry in peace

The tapes should be removed as soon as possible after painting, so that the paint does not start to chip off with the tape after it dries. Before you tape the next squares, remember to let the paint dry in peace, if you tape over the drying paint too soon, there is a risk that the paint will come off when you remove the tape and you will have to patch the pattern again . Although the paint dries quite quickly, the most time spent making this pattern is waiting for the grid to dry.

While the table top squares are drying, we painted the drawers white with Cream Dream shade, the frame black with Black Jack and the dresser legs and knobs with a lovely terracotta orange, McFee shade. In this project, all the shades are coincidentally from the Al Fresco series, but we could just as well have painted some of the squares with shades from the Lazy Range series, for example.


This project required at least the following:

  • Black paint, Blackjack, from the Al Fresco series
  • Orange paint, McFee, from the Al Fresco series
  • White Cream Dream, from the Al Fresco series
  • Tape
  • Pencil
  • Brush
  • Sugar Soap, furniture detergent
  • Sanding sponge

At Room32, we renew old furniture by painting it with Frenchic paints, and the finished furniture is always available for sale in our selection. We are also happy to advise on the choice of paint and foundation work. We are always looking for new furniture to tune, so our selection changes quite often. So far we have had small tables, chairs, a cupboard and small shelves for sale.

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