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KITCHEN CABINET PAINTING TIPS - A new look for your kitchen in Frenchic style!

    Painting kitchen cabinets is always a good option for an environmentally conscious consumer. The change achieved by painting is great and at the same time it saves time and nerves from the trouble of often long and expensive renovations.

    Painting is an easy way to renew the look of the entire kitchen inexpensively, it gives additional time to the old kitchen and refreshes yellowed or dark surfaces at home or in the cottage. Often the frames of old kitchens are perfectly fine - only the doors are yellowed or otherwise just look a bit from another era!

    Do it yourself and save - You don't always have to buy a new one.

    Just by painting the doors and choosing a new shade, you can easily bring the old kitchen back to today.

    2-3 x 750ml Frenchic paint is enough to paint standard kitchen cabinets - compare the price of a can of paint to new doors.

    Read more about choosing the shade and amount of paint in this article.

    Painting the kitchen yourself is more common than you think!

    Frenchic series paints have become extremely popular in England and the kitchen painting boom is going on precisely because of the new features of Frenchic series paints.

    Our customers are in love with the matte surface of Frenchic shades and the smooth and durable finish. Read here also our customers' experiences and feedback about the Frenchic series.

    Read here for instructions and tips on how to best succeed in painting kitchen cabinets

    Painted kitchen Frenchic Paint Finland.Gray kitchen Frenchic Paint Frenchic, paint your own kitchen yourself.

    Photo: Cabinet doors Smudge shade and intermediate space tiles Dazzle Me! shade

    Is your kitchen so old and worn that you think painting is not an option?

    You may be surprised when you get to know the various Frenchic projects of our customers: you will probably find examples of a kitchen exactly like yours in our FB group in the photos of our customers!

    You can compare images and options, plan the use of shades. What if you boldly tried powdery green, blue or pink! What would a trendy two-tone kitchen look like?

    The matte shades of the Frenchic series are soft interior shades that fit beautifully into many types of homes.

    From the photos of our customers on the FB pages, it is easy to compare what the final result will be if you only paint the doors and leave the frames unpainted.

    The painting style can be painting the doors in place or detached, or painting the doors only from the outside - there are also useful picture series for these.

    You will surely find a kitchen similar to yours in the group!

    In the group you can find hundreds of pictures and photo series of our customers, pictures of kitchen transformations, so it's nice to start planning in the Frenchic group .

    Painting an old kitchen can be done with Frenchic paints.Painting an old kitchen can be done with Frenchic paints.

    Photo: before and after. Shade: Wise Old Sage , Al Fresco

    Set aside time for a painting job

    When painting at home, you can take your own pace and paint just one door at a time!

    Weekend painting sessions with friends are a quick way to get everything in order at once. Choose the style and way that suits you.

    Also allow time for the paint to dry according to the instructions.

    You can paint wood or mdf surface

    You can paint many types of surfaces: wooden doors, pressed boards or MDF membrane doors. Learn more about painting a laminate surface here.

    Sometimes the plastic film on the doors is already grimacing and removing it can be a good option before painting. Films can be removed with the help of heat, often only with a hair dryer.


    If you end up removing the plastic film from the furniture or kitchen cabinets, you save on sanding and washing the surfaces. However, do not sand or wash (washing raises the mdf fibers) to expose the MDF surface without appropriate protection. Harmful substances are released from a clean MDF board.

    Treat the bare plate surface with Finishing Coat before painting, so the porous plate is sealed, and you save on the amount of paint.

    No matter what kind of surface you paint, the preparations are always the same:

    • Careful washing of surfaces, cleaning of kitchen grease and dust

    • Repairs and packing if, for example, you change the handles to new ones

    • Surface roughening. (do not sand to expose the mdf board)

    • Painting, at least twice, depending on the tonal differences and the chosen color

    • 48h drying, careful use during the three-week curing period

    Practice in miniature first

    If you haven't painted with the Frenchic series before, do a test painting first - you can, for example, get an old small cabinet or bedside table with a door and a drawer, in miniature like in your kitchen.

    Do all the preparations for the test piece as you would in your kitchen: washing and roughing. Try different brushes and rollers, different painting techniques.

    In this little project, you can easily see the end result of the surface with the painting tools you choose.

    Pink kitchen Frenchic Paint Finland.

    Photo: Dusky Blush & City Slicker, Al Fresco

    Painted kitchen Gray_lime_paint_swankypants_Dazzle_me_Al_Fresco_frenchic_paint (2)Painted kitchen Grey_lime paint_swankypants_Dazzle_me_Al_Fresco_frenchic_paint
    Photo: Cabinet doors Swankypants, Al Fresco, tiles in the intermediate space Dazzle Me!

    Start by choosing a shade and test

    Choose a shade or a few of your favorites and paint the test on a closet door, a loose door or somewhere inconspicuous.

    This way you immediately get a good idea of ​​the coverage of the paint and you can evaluate the progress of the paint at the same time.

    You can also examine the shades you have chosen in the light and shadow of your own home - and thus make sure that the color is correct.

    By the way, did you know that the tone/color looks different on a vertical surface than on a horizontal surface!

    On this page, you can find everything, more than 60 ready-made shades conveniently in one place!

    Conventional kitchen painting without big tonal differences is finished in 2-3 layers

    The flow of paint is affected by many things: the color difference between the surface to be painted and the selected shade, the painting equipment and painting technique used, unmixed paint and layers that are too thin.

    So follow the instructions and you will get the best result.

    If the shade difference is large between the surface to be painted and the selected paint, or you want to paint a reddish wood surface white, you may need more layers than usual. Especially when painting from white to black or vice versa.

    An orange, yellowish, red or similar surface should be painted with a gray shade before the final surface shade.

    Thinning the paint also affects the coverage and the number of layers, as well as the durability.

    Make sure you reserve enough paint to complete the project

    Standard industry advice is that if you need more than one can of paint, make sure they are of the same batch (batch number) or, if that is not possible, mix the paint batches before painting to ensure a consistent end result.

    Only when it has dried and after two layers should you evaluate the correctness of the shade.

    The nature of the colors changes depending on the lighting and the adjacent color. The color repeats differently also on horizontal or vertical surfaces.

    From dark to white or vice versa


    Paint the first layer with a gray shade if your new shade differs a lot from the shade of the base. The gray tone refracts the redness or dark tone and you can get by with fewer white layers. You can choose a medium gray shade from the City Slicker or Swankypants shades of the Al Fresco series, for example.

    When choosing a shade, you should look at the publications of the Frenchic series' own FB group , there you will probably find pictures of already painted kitchens with the shade you are considering.

    In the search field of the group , search by the name of the tone or see all the publications marked with the title: kitchen .

    Here you can read more about colors and choosing a color.

    Start your project by cleaning the surfaces

    Wash and scrub the surfaces to be painted carefully clean of all kitchen grease, dirt and dust. This step is the most important, cleaning should be done carefully.

    Clean everything REALLY well! Kitchen surfaces can be particularly oily and greasy, no matter how clean you keep your kitchen. Clean and clean again!

    Sugar Soap is a detergent developed for this purpose - paint washing, but whatever detergent you use, rinse the surfaces with clean water and finally dry the surfaces.

    You don't want to slack off on this washing step, it will backfire later when your project is already far along. No paint will last long on a dirty and greasy surface.

    Look at the clean surface - do you want to polish dents or scratches? Do you replace the handles with new ones? Remove knobs and pulls. Then putty the old puller attachment points.

    Roughen the surface and start painting!

    Wipe the sanding dust off the surface of the cabinets and start painting. Set aside time for the project or do it in small parts according to your own schedule, one door at a time.

    You can remove the doors from their places, which may speed up the painting work, or paint the doors in place.

    However, before painting, tape the hinges and other areas that you don't want to paint. Use high-quality tape for trimming.

    Painting the kitchen cabinet doors with durable paint Frenchic Paint.
    Photo: The oval brushes of the Frenchic series are well suited for painting cabinet doors.

    Paint a test - try and test the tools first as well

    If your cabinet doors have grooves or decorative mirrors, then you need good brushes: both a narrow and a wide brush. A narrow roller is also a fast and good tool with brushes.

    Try the tools before starting a bigger job, and you will find out which painting tool suits you best.

    With high-quality, clean and intact tools, painting goes quickly and the result is beautiful. The oval brushes of the Frenchic series are hand-made specifically for chalk paint type paint.

    You can paint the doors with a small sprayer or a brush - a roller and a brush are a good combination.

    Take care of your brushes during the painting project and always wash them thoroughly with warm water after the painting job. Dry brushes horizontally or with the bristles facing down.

    With clean brushes, the paint mark is beautiful. Read more about choosing a brush here.

    Do not overwork a wet paint surface - Let the layer dry, even if it has not become perfect and opaque - the next layer will correct the situation.

    But always paint the next layer only on a completely dry surface. Even if you want to fix some spots, paint and let the layer dry first.

    If you accidentally repaint a fresh coat of paint, it can roll unevenly. Even then, let the layer dry, sand the surface flat - wipe off the dust and continue painting.

    Pink Painted Kitchen Frenchic Paint Finalnd.

    Photo: Dusky Blush, Al Fresco

    Let the paint dry in peace

    Adhering to the drying times is important and it affects the durability of the paint surface and the flow of the paint. Read the instructions on the side of the paint can before starting and follow the painting instructions and drying times, also between layers of paint.

    Finally, let the painted surfaces dry for 48 hours before careful use and remember that the protective properties of the paint will harden for another three weeks after the paint has dried. Until then, be more careful of surfaces than usual.

    So you can take the kitchen into careful use after 48 hours. When the paint has reached its final hardness after about three weeks, the surface becomes very durable.

    Image tone: Dazzle Me! and Smudge, Al Fresco

    Frenchic paints smooth out beautifully

    Frenchic paints have a special 'Self Leveling' feature, the paint surface is beautifully leveled within the drying time of the layer. Read more here.

    If you want the paint surface to be finished and smooth, paint the last layer lightly with a roller or with a stiff brush lightly dipped in water. With high-quality paints and clean tools, the end result is beautiful. Always let the layers of paint dry completely before the next one - have fun with the painting project.

    You may need a few layers, especially if there is a big tonal difference between the base color and the chosen paint. Try the techniques and tools first and then choose which tools and style you use to get the desired end result.

    The flow and opacity of the paint is essentially affected by the difference in tone, careful mixing of the paint before starting the project and during it - and observing the drying times also between layers.

    When painting with Al Fresco, the drying interval of layers is two hours, and with Lazy Range at least one hour.

    Sets suitable for painting kitchen cabinets from the Frenchic series

    If you choose paint from these three series for painting kitchen cabinets, you do not need any other protection, e.g. wax or varnish, on top of the paint. The paint surface will be durable as it is.

    A new, fresh shade for the kitchen walls

    The washable Frenchic wall paint is suitable for the kitchen. Read more here.

    Additional protection for hard-wearing surfaces - kitchen counters

    When you think about the need for additional protection for painted surfaces, you should be realistic.

    You yourself know best what kind of consumption your kitchen is in.

    In general, all paint surfaces are resistant to weak detergents, abrasive cleaning agents, pet nails and mechanical scratching or scratching.

    Painting the kitchen countertops and the kitchen table top

    Our customers have also painted kitchen countertops. Some of the projects are successful, others are not.

    Before deciding to paint, think about how the levels are used and cleaned in your family.

    The paint surface cannot withstand, for example, cutting on the surface or hot dishes.

    For painted surfaces and kitchen table surfaces , Tuff Top Coat coating is recommended according to the instructions .

    The Frenchic series has two different finishing coatings, both of which are just right for finishing kitchen cabinets, giving a moisture-resistant and wear-resistant surface, either matte or glossy.

    If you decide to add, for example, a matte coating over the paint surface, wait at least a couple of days, at least 48 hours, for the paint to start drying.

    Applying the coating is easy and fast - you can do it, for example, only on lower cabinets.

    Read the work instructions on the product information of the coating you have chosen and follow the drying times and the number of layers.

    Both finishing coatings are solvent-free and easy to apply, and they dry quickly.

    Finishing Coat - Glossy

    You can add a few layers of Finishing Coat to the painted surface if you want more shine. Finishing Coat is best applied with a sponge.

    Tuff Top Coat - Matte

    The new ' Tuff Top Coat ' is a matte finishing coating that can withstand a little heat and is suitable for providing additional protection to hard-wearing painted kitchen worktops, kitchen table surfaces, floor surfaces and kitchen cabinets.

    If you love our matte paints, but want extra protection and wear resistance, use TTC's and you don't have to compromise on a great matte finish!

    Read the instructions for use here.

    The paints of the Frenchic Paint series have a matte surface

    Only the paints of the Trim Paint series have a beautiful, matte satin sheen. Trim Paint is an excellent choice for kitchen cabinets.

    Take good care of your painted furniture and kitchen cabinet doors and wipe them only with mild detergents. Avoid strong detergents, steam cleaning and abrasive sponges or brushes when cleaning stains.

    Read more about caring for a painted surface here.

    No wax for the kitchen

    We do not recommend a self-applied layer of wax for kitchen cabinets or bar counters, as the wax wears away and dissolves in alcohol and solvent-based cleaners.

    We recommend Finishing Coat layers instead of wax for hard-wearing and splash-prone surfaces, or if you want a matte finish with a shine. Frenchic Paint Original series paints are not recommended for kitchen countertops as such, without Tuff Top Coat coating.

    Supplies for painting kitchen cabinets


    The consumption of paint depends on many factors, but even for a large kitchen, 2 x 750ml is often enough, regardless of the series.

    If you paint a dark surface white or vice versa, the paint consumption may be higher than usual, due to the large difference in tone. Reserve one gray shade for the first layer.

    These factors affect the process, among others: careful mixing of the paint, compliance with the drying interval of the layers, shade difference between the base and the selected shade, painting equipment and painting technique.

    Think about the floor slab doors and frames from the inside as well. What about the sides of the cabinets, and the moldings?

    In spray painting, the flow of paint is higher than normal.

    Test before a bigger project

    We recommend a test painting so that you can become yourself with the paint and tools before a larger project .

    Brushes, tape and detergent:


    You can do the painting with a brush or a roller - often both are a good purchase.


    You also need an effective degreasing detergent, for example Sugar Soap, and a sanding sponge if you roughen the surfaces by hand.

    Trimming tape:

    High-quality tape if the cabinets have glass doors and you want to demarcate the edges or moldings.

    If you don't change the pullers , you don't need anything else!


    The coverage of Al Fresco, Trim Paint and Lazy Range paints is about 12m2 / 750ml.

    Chalk Wall Paint's 36m2 / 2.5L.

    All Frenchic series paints are also suitable for spray painting kitchen cabinets.

    However, take a look at our customers' wonderful pictures of completed kitchen cabinet painting projects, and you'll get good ideas for your own work!

    Plan your project execution schedule and a calm drying time.

    Ask your friends to join you in painting workshops - working together is nice!

    Duck egg blue kitchen Duckling Frenchic Paint Finland.

    Image shade: Duckling, Al Fresco

    Watch here a painting video with Finnish subtitles on how to paint kitchen cabinet doors with a brush or sprayer!

    You can find photos of our customers' kitchen renovations and various color combinations in the Frenchic Paint Finland FB group.

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