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You want colorful and bold, but your home is light and neutral, even a little boring? These tips are for you

If you've always wanted to add more atmosphere and use more colors, but you're not sure how, here are some easy tips to help you create a completely new space by doing it yourself.

Pick up the tips used by professionals here and implement it yourself even better. You can apply these tips in both small and larger spaces.

The use of colors does not reduce the space - on the contrary - a boutique - hotel-type atmosphere is created by the use of strong colors. Choose a daringly dark shade even for a smaller space.

Even a modern and minimalist interior can withstand strong colors very well.

Forget individual effect walls, boldly paint at least two or three walls with the same shade. A single colored wall is always a bit loose if the other surfaces are white.

Now the ceiling and moldings - as well as the doors - are also painted with colors. You can do so much with paint! You can paint up to 36m2 with one Frenchic wall paint container.

The use of color together with stripes

Wooden surfaces, wooden moldings and wood planks are back in interior design. If you want to use colors, but in a more restrained way, choose a shade and use it interestingly as a basis for rhyming...

The rough wood surfaces go well with all natural shades such as blue, green, brown and black.
Think toned terracotta, shades of brown, blues and even black.

Also think about how you can add an attractive surface to the color, for example with effect stripes or paneling.

📌 Tip! Apply a clean wood striping on top of a bold tone surface, so that the shade of your choice can be seen under the wood strips.

Make a slatted wall on only one wall, but paint all the other walls in the same shade. This way, the final result will be wonderful, atmospheric and unified.

📌 Tip! Light wood strips can easily be treated to a beautiful brown with Frenchic waxes. As a plus, quick drying, non-toxicity, ease of use and sufficient quantity. Learn about the use of waxes.

The nest-like atmosphere is suitable for spaces where you want an intimate and relaxing atmosphere, such as bedrooms and living rooms.

📌 Tip! Make a small toilet a wonderful jewel with strong colors from floor to ceiling.

Textured surfaces

What about texture, it's also back in interior design now more than ever: handmade surfaces, various pulp surfaces, gritty concrete and broken and hewn surfaces, stone surfaces, linen, cork, rattan...
Add even more texture with thick curtains, use plush velvet and wool in the curtains.

📌 Tip! Raise the green plants higher, make them big groups and light the green plants from the downward direction towards the wall and you will get wonderful shadows on the wall.

Make layers of several blankets on the sofa, divan, armchair and bed and use super thick pile rugs!

Finally, the lighting

Yes - you want dark and light spaces, lighted and slightly dim areas in your home. You don't want a bright general light on the ceiling - that's only for cleaning days!
What if you forgot an expensive ceiling light - not every room needs one.

📌 Tip: DIY-minded decorators now make large, textured hanging lamps themselves from paper, cardboard or different materials.
- preferably get several small lamps, so that you can get attractive, indirect lighting in different parts of the room, at different heights.

Remember to light those greens. Also get inexpensive, cordless lamps that are easy to move.

You want a warm tone to create coziness and a dimmer for every lamp

Finally, the atmosphere is sealed by a fireplace or other fireplace - if you don't have one, use lanterns, candles or even LED candles.

With lighting, you get much more out of your beautifully colored walls and furniture! Add two wall lamps to your new strip effect wall. Choose interesting and personal lamps, and you don't need much else.

📌 Tip! You can paint the old shades with Frenchic paints to match your new wall color. Also remember the metallic shades.

If your wall is still painted in a beautiful shade or there is texture or art on the wall - the lighting is the icing on the cake - Wonderful!

Whether your interior style is rich or modern and minimalist, the use of colors together with stripes and lighting is suitable for both styles to completely renew the atmosphere of the space.

I hope this gave you a new idea for renovating your home!

By the way, did you know that a wonderful community has been built around Frenchic paints, sharing photos, videos and tips about all kinds of projects - join in and you'll also get a peek into international homes and gardens and be the first to see how the rest of the world is decorating right now!

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Welcome aboard!

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