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Checklist - at least these are what you need when you start painting furniture or a wall:

Get the paints and supplies in time and remember to protect the surrounding area and other furniture. Check that ladders and scaffolding are secure.

  1. A cleaning agent that effectively removes dirt and grease. Sugar Soap is an efficient furniture detergent from the Frenchic series, which is intended for cleaning furniture and other surfaces to be painted before painting. The wall should also be wiped clean and dried before painting.
  2. A high-quality brush or roller . It's not worth saving here. Read tips for choosing the right brush here. A microfiber roller is the best option when choosing a roller. Paint only with intact and clean tools.
  3. Grinding or roughing accessories . Depending on your furniture and your technique, you need sandpaper, a handy sanding sponge or an electronic device to roughen/sand the surface of the furniture.
  4. Paint . Choose a high-quality furniture paint, such as paints from the Frenchic series. If you haven't tried the Frenchic range before, start with the award-winning Lazy Range .
  5. All other Frenchic paint sets are also suitable for painting furniture or painting walls. Al Fresco is suitable for painting tiles and Chalk Wall Paint for painting floors.
  6. You may still need wax , stencil , finishing coating , metal pigment or crackling agent , depending on what kind of painting technique you were thinking of implementing.
  7. Also remember to use high-quality tape if you are making cuts
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    If you are an enthusiastic tinkerer or painter and do a lot of different DIY projects, two Frenchic products are - 'must have ' - credit products of DIY people, which should always be available in your paint shelf when the passion strikes: Frenchic wax and Finishing Coat .

    These versatile Frenchic products are well suited for various home projects. And of course, white and black paint, which you can use for your own shade mixes, for example pure white Wedding Cake and black Loof . An avid mixer of shades can benefit from his own color wheel.

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