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What is the best thing about painting? 🎨

Painting, whether it's furniture painting, painting in addition to renovation or fine art - painting is an important form of self-expression for many people and one Hand Skill among others.

Our skilled customers do renovations, art and interior design projects with the versatile products of the Frenchic series.

Whether you are a beginner, inexperienced in painting - or an experienced painter, the Frenchic series offers a completely new kind of painting experience and you will surely be excited by the end result! You can read our domestic customers' own experiences at the end of this Frenchic Blog article.

Painting and the use of colors allow people to express their thoughts, feelings and experiences visually and creatively. It even provides a means of communication that transcends language barriers, allowing people to convey complex thoughts and feelings through colors, shapes, and composition.

Did you know that an exceptional, international and active community has formed around the Frenchic series, which we regularly follow in our domestic FB group. In our FB group, you can watch our customers' videos and photo series of all kinds of DIY projects and you can peek into the world, international homes and gardens.

Welcome aboard!

Painting can be a very therapeutic and stress-relieving activity - mechanical movement in painting can help relax, reduce anxiety and promote a sense of well-being. Art therapy is also a recognized method in which painting and other forms of art are used to help people cope with emotional and psychological challenges.

Painting and using colors encourages creativity and exploration of imagination in everyday life. It enables the development of problem-solving skills, as artists often have to think critically and make decisions about composition, color choices and techniques.

The design process is one of the most pleasant stages: choosing colors, technology and tools!

Aesthetic appreciation: Looking at paintings and your own painted furniture or, for example, a painted colorful wall or door at home in your everyday life can be a source of aesthetic pleasure, good mood and inspiration.

An appreciation of art and colors enriches our lives by introducing us to different perspectives, cultures and artistic styles. It encourages critical thinking and the development of one's own taste and preferences.

Making art, including painting and using colors and home design in interior design, can be a rewarding journey of personal development and self-discovery. It can be part of a larger life change or just a desire to create a different environment for yourself.

There is not just one right or wrong way to realize yourself and it is perfectly permissible to repaint a piece of furniture or a wall with the colors you like!

Painting can help you develop patience, perseverance and a sense of accomplishment as your skills develop. It also promotes the development of visual literacy.

Painting also generates income for more and more people and it can employ you in many different ways. Art and handicrafts promote the cultural identity of the community and, for example, local tourism.

We need our everyday life to refresh various artists, galleries and art-related companies. The high-quality paints of the Frenchic series are already the choice of many professionals, and many designers are also happy to offer their customers the safe and high-quality Frenchic series.

Recycling and appreciating the old - repairing and refurbishing is a value in life and a way of working - painting with non-toxic paints is perfect for this.

You can revive the old, completely renew or just modernize a little - change the atmosphere with colors and use old furniture.

By getting used furniture, you reduce the landfill load, and by making it yourself, you get personal and unique furniture - you won't find ready-made furniture in department stores!


We also asked our customers about it and here are some answers.

What is the best thing about painting for you?

"The fact that you completely immerse yourself in your own world. It's as if you relax, you get to play with your imagination, and what's best, you can see the imprint of your own hand, and at the same time get the furniture (or other object) more useful life." JT

"That feeling: I get a good result!! Even though I'm not a professional!" MH

"Right now I am painting an old leather chair, the paint surface of which had gotten into a really bad shape after serving in a workshop. Otherwise, the chair is perfect. The former owner wanted to throw the chair into the "Midsummer bonfire" because it was just so ugly 😅 Washing, puttying, sanding and washing again before painting , , , and now my daughter gets herself a beautiful chair. Lovely craftwork, where the handprint is visible. Why buy new when you can refurbish an old functional piece of furniture? Recycling decoration at its best! This was not my first project, and certainly not a mistake! "AP

"Everything can be repaired and renewed 🥰 I'm really excited about this!" JU

"By painting I renew something, but at the same time I also renew my own mind to take on the challenges and events of the coming days 😌 " AL

"I like painting myself, because it makes you forget your worries and sorrows and it's really a relaxing thing to do 🤩 And what's best, the "ugly" piece of furniture has become eye-poppingly beautiful and still made by yourself. And recycling to glory, from old to new 👍 " TK

"Knowing that you can bring home something completely new from the old without putting too much strain on nature/home/your wallet. -And knowing that what you do is not necessarily forever. You can always paint again. ❤️
Of course, it's wonderful to create a beautiful result yourself. Can please yourself or others." KS
"For me, it's a return to my youth, when there was nothing else but to do with my hands. Mindfulness à la 2023.. good music and no other distractions ❤ " AK

"The fact that you can make your own treasure out of someone else's junk again and again with the zero waist principle. The more you paint, the more you discover new talents in yourself, your sense of style and creativity develop, and the best thing is that it's soooo economical. There's always a good reason to buy different paints 🙄 🤭 💝 " PA

"You don't have to be a professional, you can just start making and change the plan if necessary on the way or correct the result. And of course the best thing is to see the result with your own hands ❤ "SP
"Mental health, when you can focus on something other than everyday things ❤️ 😅 "

"First comes the temptation, a wonderful temptation, to look for and find a pattern that has seen life, which you can fix a little. Then the difficulty of choosing, should you take an old, familiar, well-proven paint/color from the closet or should you go wild and go to paint shops.
The painting itself is finally here! What a joy - sometimes many times when the mind may change while doing it 😇 - when the project starts to be completed. Because it means a chance for something new. 😄 Admittedly, you occasionally have to explain very earnestly to your spouse why you have to go to shake old furniture again - or to paint shops." SH
"Colours, creativity, losing the passage of time, finding your own strengths, and noticing how different things can be made to look when you use the courage to paint the surface you see, and that you can always learn something new, and you never really fail, because you can always make more changes if you don't like the end result ❤️
"Effortlessness - a beautiful handprint - gives your own "credit furniture" more life and a feeling of leaving your own personality behind ❤️
"Painting is fun and calming ❤️ Again, I would like to start a new project when the previous one was completed. 🤔 " MS
"Painting has its own quiet time for me, and you can really see the imprint of your hand in it. I already like the design, which color goes with what." SF
"I relax while painting and enjoy what I know will come, a beautiful and unique piece of furniture. Paints go with everything, they don't smell, and that's why I do it together with my cat. 😸 and since I can't wait too long, it's wonderful when I can continue working almost immediately
"You get something new from the old 🩷 " SO
"The result, the change, the mark of one's own hand 🎨 "TP

"The best thing is to see the end result, when your own hands have produced something beautiful and visible ⭐️In my expert work, the day's or week's work is not immediately visible anywhere, painting creates a balance for it. " KSH
Welcome to paint with Frenchic shades, whether you are doing renovations, furniture painting or art. Join our FB group now here!

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