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Are you a fan of recycled interior design?

Living in the future will be more and more ecological. We need the enthusiasm of DIY and less burdensome consumption in interior design as well.

Recycled interior design is affordable - it's a choice - and a small eco-deed that saves natural resources and directs our consumption habits in a more sustainable direction.

The Frenchic Paint series was born from these values, the passion for refurbishing old furniture and the goal to promote recycling and DIY and the DIY spirit.

Your own style at home changes, develops, reduces or becomes more abundant - it lives in time with you.

The most important thing is that you are comfortable in your own home and that you decorate with furniture and colors that you like - there may be hits and misses during the trip.

Recycled interior design and old furniture is a great way to create atmosphere and layers in the space, where second-hand furniture has its own fascinating story.

We in the Frenchic team love different styles, colors, atmospheric and relaxed abundance and our skilled, enthusiastic and DIY customers!

Small budget change projects

If you love colors and you have a clear style of your own in your home - it is almost impossible to find furniture in just the right color ready-made anywhere.

Often the furniture has a beautiful shape and is also practical - intact and sturdy, but in such a wrong color!

Fortunately, DIY with the Frenchic series is affordable, easy and safe at home, without complicated gears and tools.

It is perfectly permissible to repaint a piece of furniture, a wall or a door in the colors you like. The paint protects the surface of the furniture and helps it last for a long time.

All-wood, old furniture lasts nicely for tens of years, even a hundred years, and withstands many repaintings and repairs. Old furniture is made to last in use.

Craftsmanship and self-made interior items are valued - you can also modify the furniture into new types that suit you better.

You can refurbish, repair, modify, paint or just value and re-use used furniture and interior items - for yourself or even for sale.

An old, wooden bed may be unusable and therefore offered free of charge to the first person who collects it, but beautiful and intact headboards are a valuable decoration material for a discerning recycler.

Get the best tips for great recycled interior design projects here:

  • Buy used - make discoveries on vintage goods and furniture sales channels. You don't always have to buy a new one.

  • Look at the things in your home: what's there? - Make changes to the furniture you already have. Go through the closets and warehouses, ask your friends and neighbors if you need a certain piece of furniture. You can often get one as a donation.

  • Sometimes all the furniture needs is cleaning and new beautiful handles and it's like new again!

  • Painting is a really inexpensive way to update or change furniture - compare the price of a can of paint with the price of new furniture.

  • A colorful piece of wallpaper or waxing can also make the piece of furniture a favorite piece of furniture again.

  • Sell ​​off your extra furniture, someone will surely be looking for exactly the kind of furniture for your own project that you have lying around or in storage.

  • Immerse yourself in the world of DIY and 'do it yourself' ideas and pick up the best tips for yourself, feel free to experiment with colors and styles

Old wooden furniture is made to last

Sturdy wooden furniture withstands use and time much better than current board furniture - purchasing used furniture is always a personal choice, a small eco-deed. Old furniture is also often fascinated by its possible story.

All grooves, scratches and dents on the surfaces of the furniture show that the furniture has been cared for and used a lot.

Solid wood furniture can easily last a hundred years - it can also withstand repainting and repairs.

You can very well change the handles to new ones you like and choose your favorite color for your furniture - it's great that the old furniture has ended up in a home where it is appreciated and can be used again - after all, that's how it was made at the time.

Green display cabinet Frenchic Paint Finland Victory Lane.

Green display cabinet Frenchic Paint Finland Victory Lane 1.

Recycled interior design does not mean a jumble of styles, but a budget-friendly way to realize the style of your own home in a unique and personal way - colorfully or harmoniously

You can focus on decorating with colors, shapes or era - You can implement a Scandinavian interior or hunt for wonderful, all-wood rustic romantic furniture - and usually always at a fraction of the price of new!

Just choose the furniture to start with

Salvaging used furniture is both trendy and environmentally friendly, but also an engaging hobby and passion! What's more fun than making a long-sought 'discovery' at an online flea market and the search already becomes part of a new furniture story. 

Creatively combine your other handiwork skills with the transformation of the old furniture and re-upholster the fabric covers, or make macrame cords or tassels for the dresser key as a decoration, or paint beautiful decorations on the furniture itself, just like it was done before.

If loving used & recycling and appreciating the handmade fits your world of values, you will definitely like the Frenchic series too!

Used furniture doesn't have to be antique or special to be able to paint it and transform it into your own style – you can do that with almost all furniture and interior items.

Reasons for the change can be, for example, yellowed, old pine or wooden furniture, panels, dark or otherwise boring furniture or walls where you want a change, color, lightness, edge.

Sometimes just a splash of paint on the current furniture, wall or kitchen cabinet saves you from buying a new one. Maybe you just want a boost and a new color around you - that's allowed too.

You just choose the furniture or the room where you start!

Pick the best style ideas and combine

Pick up the best DIY ideas from our website and Facebook group and refine them into even better ones that suit you - in the Frenchic groups, our skilled and enthusiastic customers offer endless inspiration for DIY and recycled interior design by boldly combining colors and techniques.

The muted matte shades resemble many traditional shades

Our customers love the beautiful shades of the Frenchic series, which can be found just right for any interior style.

The powdery, matte Frenchic shades are delightful.

There are several colors in the series that resemble the old matte traditional colors and for this reason they fit beautifully both with old furniture and with older buildings and their spirit.

Check out these shades for example: Wise Old Sage , Dusky Blush , Sugar Puff , Duckling and Swankypants

Blue painted furniture Nightstand small cabinet Duckling Frenchic Paint paint set.

For Scandi - Boho style, use neutral and natural colors

For modern and Scandinavian and boho-style interior design, you can also find the shiny, pure white ' Dazzle Me!' from the Frenchic series. -tone, the perfect matte black ' Blackjack' and wonderful neutral and earthy tones.

In vintage and retro style, tone it down with bold color pairs

Orange, yellow, green, brown and sweet pastel shades are available for playful and colorful, even retro-style or vintage-style decorating. The Frenchic series has more than 70 ready-made shades.

There are many painting styles and ideas - for example, you can paint only part of the furniture: how about neat and modern black legs for an old dining or coffee table.

You can sand the rest of the furniture on a clean, beautiful wooden surface - For a DIY project like this, only a small amount of paint is enough, but the end result is a wonderful and stylish piece of furniture - certainly cheaper than from the store. Choose, for example, black from the Loof, Lazy Range series.

You can do the same by using the powdery pink shade 'Dusky Blush' from the All Fresco series, the look of the table changes completely and it would suit, for example, a country romantic and light interior.

Read the Painting Instructions and do a test painting on a small piece of furniture

Our easy-to-use products are also suitable for those who have painted less - In the painting instructions you can find more tricks and tips on how to do it.

You can read more about how you implement different painting techniques and styles when painting furniture in our blogs.

Perhaps you too have that yellowed pine paste in your home or cottage that is just waiting for new paint - you can find a Frenchic blog post for this project as well.

Environmentally conscious consumers and decorators are genuinely concerned about the world's consumption problem and the use of natural resources - by purchasing second-hand furniture and decoration items, you can influence your own consumption habits and steer them in a more sustainable direction by, for example, preferring recycled furniture instead of new ones.

Manual skills and DIY are also values ​​of our Frenchic customers - you don't always have to buy new.

Hot as Mustard painted dresser Frenchic Paint Finland.

Hot as Mustard painted yellow dresser Frenchic Paint Finland.

With a little effort and creativity you can make old furniture look brand new - 'new looking' doesn't have to mean 'factory' but new for you and your home.

Change a little or a lot - the style is free!

When you have decided to dispose of the old furniture, start with cleaning.

Thoroughly clean the furniture inside and outside, gently by hand with water washing. Use a furniture cleaner that removes grease and dirt and possible nicotine grease from the surfaces. 'Sugar Soap' is a foaming and effective furniture cleaner (enough concentrate) with which you can easily get the furniture in paintable condition.

In the wash, the furniture also freshens up and you get to look at the clean surface.

Bumps and scratches are a sign of the furniture's durability and a lot of use - you can love the scratches and their stories and let them tell the story of the furniture.

Sometimes it's enough to change new pulls to a chest of drawers or add modern pinni legs to an old bookcase - a new interior style or room change doesn't have to be an expensive investment.

Whether your furniture is inherited, received or a flea find, you can use our instructions to change the appearance of the furniture as little or as much as you want.

A clean wooden surface can be beautiful with all its shades. If you want to leave it visible, you can treat wooden surfaces and surfaces with furniture waxes. They are available in different shades and you can easily get a new, modern look just by waxing the furniture, either completely or only partially. Frenchic series furniture waxes are beeswax-based, soft and non-toxic natural waxes.

When your style changes, you can sell or pass the furniture on to the next loving home - maybe there the look of the furniture will change again!

Welcome to the unique Frenchic group!

Our customers appreciate the non-toxicity and ease of use of Frenchic products. Handymen and Home Painters who discovered the Frenchic Paint series appreciate recycling and DIY furniture - that's why we strive to offer high-quality products for versatile making.

The tested and certified Frenchic series has received prestigious awards for its innovative products, and the quality easily convinces both the professional and the home painter.

In the series' own FB groups, you can take a look at international and domestic homes and gardens - our FB group is a unique and active place where skilled and enthusiastic Home Painters and professionals can present their own furniture finds, DIY ideas and Frenchic implementations!

Get excited about DIY with the Frenchic series.

Come join the group to see what is now IN in interior painting, what are 'Color Blocks' or how to make a fun and spectacular wreath for the garden from an old bicycle rim!

Do you have a friend who loves recycling, DIY, decorating or renovating? Tell him about Frenchic and invite him to the group too!

- Welcome aboard!

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