Finishing Coat

Only from the Frenchic Paint range!

A true handyman's trusted product, Finishing Coat is a versatile product that you won't find in other sets!

You can use it e.g. in protecting the paint surface, adding gloss to the paint surface, fixing fabrics, wallpapers and paper sheets in degoupage work , glazes, increasing adhesion before painting and sealing the smells of strongly scented furniture.

You can also add the coating to an unpainted wooden surface and to reduce the penetration of wood extracts, especially through light paint shades. Add 2-3 layers with a sponge before painting.

We recommend Finishing Coat instead of wax for hard-wearing surfaces, for finishing Original Artisan shades, or for surfaces that are exposed to splash water.

The non-toxic and solvent-free Finishing Coat is also a certified Frenchic product. Glossy surface and water-based.

If you want the matte surface of the paint to remain, then choose TTC, i.e. Tuff Top Coat.

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