Yellows and Oranges

From soft and subtle shades to bold and vibrant, even golden shades, our palette offers a selection of shades that evoke warmth, happiness and optimism!

You will enter a world of sunshine and joy when you explore our carefully curated selection.

Whether you want to create a happy atmosphere in a space or create an uplifting focal point for any room, our collection of yellow paints has the perfect shade to bring your vision to life.

Our wonderful broken yellows are stylish interior colors - reminiscent of classic traditional colors, which you combine beautifully with timeless wallpaper designs!

Each shade is expertly prepared so that it spreads evenly, provides excellent coverage and gives a beautiful, shimmering finish.

Let your creativity fly as you embrace the vibrancy of yellow and add energy to walls, furniture or artwork. Get to know the power of yellow tones and enjoy the radiance and good mood they can bring around you in everyday life.

Get inspired by hundreds of Frenchic project photos and videos on our social channels !

We make every effort to ensure that the shades in the online store correspond as closely as possible to the correct shades, but the shades may vary on different devices depending on several factors, such as screen settings. This means that we cannot guarantee that the paint shade will be exactly what you see on the screen. We always recommend trying the shade in the space and surface it was intended for before a larger project - order a small jar for testing or visit your nearest retailer to see the colors for yourself. Take over useful instructions and tips here.

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