The interior colors of the children's room

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What are the best neutral shades for a children's room?

If you've decided that you don't necessarily want to go with traditional pink or pastel blue, you're not alone. More and more parents are taking the same approach in children's rooms as they are in the rest of the home and opting for neutral decor - think calm, soothing and soft tones.

Of course, interior design is not only about four walls, but also about furniture. A unified and finished look takes into account how things are put together, from walls, doors and baseboards to all furniture. Combine the beautiful wallpaper with the breathable Frenchic wall paint shade and forget about those completely white walls!

When decorating a children's room, it may be that the old family furniture is enough to decorate an individual room.

A painted piece of furniture - an old chest of drawers or even a bookshelf - gives the piece of furniture a new life - and a new purpose or meaning, and thus the piece of furniture gets a new story.

Do you want to try a neutral look in the children's bedroom and at the same time make sure that you are using safe paints? The following is a selection of the best Children's Room shades and different ways to style them.

Which shades are neutral?

Neutral refers to any shade that has no color or saturation. Popular options include white, beige, cream, brownish and grey, and shades of black and brown also fall under this concept.

Close to neutral colors are low-pigment shades, such as sage green and pale lilac. These shades often fall under the same term because they blend into the background and do not attract attention.

One of the best things about neutral Children's Room shades is that they are easy to combine. If you have trouble combining colors when designing your home interior, neutral colors are almost certainly for you.

Combining shades of brownish, beige and cream is a foolproof way to get the calm color palette of your dreams.

Choosing neutral paint colors for the children's room is not only stylish, but also practical, in addition, neutral colors are a timeless choice for a versatile space that can be adapted in the future with small changes.

Neutral Children's room shades

Great! You are choosing safe Frenchic paints: All Frenchic paints have a minimal VOC content, are almost odorless and contain no hidden harmful substances.

This guarantees that they are safe to use when painting, even children's toys - and that they are perfect for renewing furniture and walls in the Children's Room. Frenchic paints have been granted the European 'Toy Safe' certificate: EN71:3, so they are safe to paint even children's toys

Practical and washable Frenchic wall paint

Our wall paint has been awarded an ISO11998 class 1 wet rub classification for washability. This is combined with a very matte, ultra-matte finish, impressive durability and great colors.

If you're looking for a wall paint that's really washable, try the Frenchic range for yourself - you won't be disappointed! We can also proudly add that there is no wall paint of the same quality and ultra-matte surface in Finland as the shades of the Frenchic series !

Here's a selection of our favorite shades:

White, off-white and cream shades

For furniture, doors and moldings: Dazzle Me! is a clean, shimmering white and modern shade that will liven up any dark or gloomy space - or choose Wedding Cake for a soft white shade. It is perfect for smaller children's rooms with light and airy shades of white and light beige and other very light colors such as Crystal Blue or Moon Whispers .

There is something sweet, clean and nostalgic about a traditional crib painted white. The great thing about white is that it can be combined with almost any other color.

The classic cream color is the king of neutral shades that blends into its surroundings and creates a captivating, dewy aesthetic at the same time. Another great choice for dark or small children's rooms is Cream Dream or Parchment , which will certainly lighten the space.

Wall paint shade for the children's room

Forget about that corner of painter's white and choose a beautiful shade for the wall - Try the soft Yorkshire Rose shade in a vintage-traditional children's room next to the cream-patterned wallpaper. Or against the paneling of beige or other restrained colors, such as the spring green Green With Envy or the warm salmon-toned Sweetcheeks . It also suits more modern rooms with flowing linen curtains and baskets full of soft toys.

Gray color in the children's room

City Slicker is a medium gray shade that is perfect for animal or safari inspired decor and is just light enough for a child's room.

Don't let the crib look too "serious", add a dreamy cream canopy and a sky-inspired mobile with clouds, moons and stars.

Swanky Pants is a little lighter than the previous one, a stylish Gustavian grey, which brings a touch of timelessness and silvery magic to a neutral children's room. Try it inspired by the enchanted forest or the sky by painting the crib and changing table.

Bunnikins is the number one choice for decorating with gray wall paint. The soft brown undertone of this shade is simply stunning.

What if you want the color scheme to be at the top of the trends? Then you choose Shush, a gray shade with a smoky, green base color.

You can then add interest with silver-lined decorative wallpaper or an eye-catching stencil pattern. You can liven up the interior with the most colorful accessories or restrain it when it is used together with shades of white.

Brown and beige shades in the children's room

Give the walls of the baby's bedroom a big bear hug with Moleskin - in a soft cocoa shade. It's perfect for woodland or wildlife styles and can be paired with lighter shades of brown and taupe for a more abstract design.

Deep shades can be quite dramatic, so you can also use these shades in individual pieces of furniture, such as a crib, toy shelves or a book or wardrobe.

Pampas wall paint is a light beige that looks dreamy in a beach or coastal inspired design. The Pampas shade can also be found in the Trim Paint series , so you can also use it on furniture to finish the room.

Alternatively, you can use it with natural, driftwood-inspired decor elements, and remember to use other shades of brown, taupe and greige to make the whole look pleasing to the eye.

Black color in the children's room

Use Blackjack , the boldest of the neutral tones, if you want minimalism that's still eye-catching.

This particular shade is a true black that helps to create posture and stunning demarcations in Scandi and Japanese style interiors when used on furniture or other details such as door moldings, skirting boards or just details in a room such as a stool or chair.

Stick strictly to black and white if you want an edgy, playful and modern black and white children's room.

Consider Black Forest , if you want a black shade with an atmospheric green tone.

Alternatively, you can choose the bluish and deep gray Smudge shade, which is a softer way to take over trendy interiors in children's rooms. You can also use almost neutral shades like barely there pink and taupe to bring more warmth.

Almost neutral tones

The best part of Frenchic shades is their compatibility - the powdery shades blend beautifully with each other in many styles.

Wise Old Sage is an almost neutral color with a lot to offer, perfect for adding soft, understated shades of green to nature-inspired designs.

The greyish, pale green is perfect if you want to use a neutral shade but don't want to give up pigment completely. Use it in the crib or if you want to add a soothing color. Green is associated with feelings of peace, rest and security, so what could be a better choice for a children's room?

Ducky is available in both wall and Trim Paint series. A classic English shade, duck egg is a great option for those who want to keep things fresh. It is suitable for a sea or water-themed children's room, where the subtle color can come to life against a pure white background or sea-themed wallpaper.

More about the best neutral colors for Children's rooms

Do you want to see more shades suitable for a children's room? We have a complete range of durable shades for walls, woodwork and furniture. All Frenchic paints are safe for children's furniture and toys. If you are painting yourself, brushes are also available to ensure a perfect finish. If the painting work is done with a sprayer, all Frenchic series are suitable for spray painting.

Combine neutrals with a pop of color from our candy colors

Repainting vintage furniture beautifully is a wonderful way to recycle and get an interesting Children's room interior. For hard-wearing surfaces, such as a highchair, you can choose a fresh new shade that fits your kitchen decor, or you can make the highchair a beautiful splash of color.

Here you can conveniently browse all Frenchic shades . You can choose a shade from any series for the interior furniture!

Painting instructions can be found here .

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