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EXTERIOR DOOR AND TILES - painting projects with Frenchic paints

I'm Kirsi, a passionate tuner and vintage enthusiast

I'm Kirsi, a passionate tuner and vintage enthusiast. My paid work is in the interior design and furniture industry, and my free time is pretty much the same. One of my Insta friends even calls me the "project queen" .

I wouldn't know how to live without these DIY things, they are also therapy for me, when I relax and disconnect from everything else around me. When you always have "a hundred irons in the fire" and a couple of new projects in mind, time really never gets boring.

I have promised to present you some finished projects that I have realized with Frenchic Paint products. Hopefully these will also inspire you to grab a paintbrush and bravely try something completely new!​​...

I've been painting with chalk paints for several years now and I've tried almost all the chalk paints available in Finland.

I have found Frenchic Paint paints to be the best, not only based on their composition and coverage, but also on the basis of the great color shades, where you are guaranteed to find the perfect shade of paint for any project.​​

I have promised to present you some finished projects that I have realized with Frenchic Paint products. I hope these will inspire you to pick up a paintbrush and bravely try something completely new!

What have I painted with Frenchic Paint- Al Fresco interior and exterior paints?

Finland's four seasons are merciless to outdoor paint surfaces, so it doesn't really matter what paint you use for garden furniture or outdoor buildings.

I personally chose Al Fresco paint from the Frenchic Paint series as the new paint surface for the front door of my house. The old, white paint had worn and faded over twenty years, and I also wanted to consciously change the color of the door.

Green front door

I've always admired English entryways with their bold colors and gorgeous door knockers. Since my house has a red tile roof and the color of the exterior cladding is light meringue yellow, I ended up with a jewel tone for the door color, i.e. emerald green, which can be found in the Al Fresco color chart under the name Victory Lane .

Even the name of the color already refers to a wonderful, Victorian street, so this was the perfect button choice for this ensemble. My neighbor came personally to praise the color of the door when he saw the finished result. So, the color made others more than just me.​

For priming, it was enough to wash the door carefully with Frenchic Paint Sugar soap detergent, wipe it with a clean cleaning cloth, and tape the handle and hinges with painter's tape.

In order to get an even paint surface on the door, I applied four thin layers of Al Fresco paint with a soft and round Frenchic brush, and let it dry well in between. I also tested two different rollers on the surface of the door, mohair and superlon, but neither of them left as beautiful a surface as that brush. ​

I attached the brass door knocker I found at the flea market to the finished door and my perfect, English front door was ready to be admired.
Green painted door with Frenchic paints.

Painting tiles with paints from the Al Fresco series

Last summer, a small greenhouse from recycled materials rose in my garden. I got the windows from a co-worker and my sister, and the wood was partly scraps from the props warehouse. Of course, the best part of a project like this is always the finishing touches. It's like a cherry on top of the cake, and that's why you can push through the boring steps in the project, because you finally get to think about the interior design and those important details. ​

Since the greenhouse project was implemented with a small budget, each purchase had to be thought out and calculated. If you invest in something, then of course you have to save on the other end. The skylight had to be bought new for the greenhouse, so for the floor I ended up getting boring, second-rate washed concrete tiles. ​

The next click in the project took place in the Frenchic Paint online store, when I moved a can of black Al Fresco paint called Blackjack and a French lily pattern stencil in A4 size to the shopping cart. The products from the Frenchic Paint online store arrive in a couple of days, so it didn't take long to continue the project. ​

Painting tiles with Frenchic paints.

I didn't want too systematic a pattern on the tiles, so I laid them on the first floor and thought about how I want the French lily pattern to continue, and which tiles I will leave without a pattern.

I painted some of the tiles so that the lily of the valley goes across the middle and I used these tiles on the edges of the floor. This project took so little paint that I was able to use the rest of the paint in other projects, which I will tell you more about later.​

In addition to paint and a stencil, you need a suitable brush for patterning the tiles, I used a brush with a super long end, and masking tape to keep the stencil in place.

A small job, but a really big impact on the end result, or what do you think?​
Painting tiles with Frenchic paints for the greenhouse.

Everything comes from the walls - which I have painted with Frenchic Paint wall paint

For the first time, I got to know Frenchic Paint through wall paints. I'm looking for the perfect shade of old green for a kitchen renovation to pair with the lovely William Morris Pimpernel taper.

In the Uniikkitehdas store, I compared Frenchic colors with a wallpaper sample in my hand and finally ended up choosing a shade called Green with Envy .

And wow, I immediately fell in love with the paint's workability and coverage, as well as its velvety matte surface. And what a combo with that wallpaper!

Painting the wall with Frenchic series matte paint.

Frenchic Paint wall paint also surprised with its durability. I had bought a 2.5 liter jar just to be sure, and I didn't get any use out of it!​​

Once there was a lot of paint left in the jar, it was clear that we would also paint something else with this wonderful color. The hallway next to the kitchen had also undergone a small makeover a moment earlier.

Before and after painting the closet with Frenchic paints.

I had built a cupboard under the stairs with my brother, the wooden bead paneling needed treatment. And not when the brush swings again! An old, brown door in the perfect color was found on tori.fi and it was allowed to remain in its original appearance.

The combination of green and brown is beautiful, timeless and fits the spirit and style that I'm looking for in the interior of my home.​

Panel paint Frenchic paint.
Even after this project, there was still wall paint left at the bottom of the 2.5 liter jar. What I used the rest of the paint for will become clear later.

I hope these tips inspire you to pick up a paintbrush and try something completely new!

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